Essentail Duties & Responsibilities:

Drives minibus to transport passengers over specified routes to local or distant points according to time schedule, inspects and maintains van; helps with club programs when not driving or maintaining van/bus.

* Inspects vehicle for gas, oil and water and corrects safety hazards.

* Communicates to passengers safety rules and expected behavior during travel, including no smoking or eating on the minibus.

* Ensures passenger numbers do not exceed available seats and passengers wear seat belts.

* Practices safe driving habits, adheres to speed limits and local traffic regulations.

* Maintains order and discipline of club members.

* Ensures vehicle is serviced according to service schedule and documents same.

* Assists program instructors when not driving or maintaining van.

Educational Qualifcations & Skills:

* High School diploma or GED. Must be age 21+.

* Safe driving record as documented by a clean seven year MVR.

* Combined experience and/or formal training equivalent to minimum of three years where.

* Experience driving a vehicle to transport passengers, preferably in a van or minibus, in a city and urban environment required.

* Ability to motivate youth and manage behavior problems.

* Ability to assist in program areas by giving and following instructions and supervising members in a safe environment.