Essential job functions and responsibilites

* Communicates, implements, and enforces organizations operational policies and procedures. Evaluates opportunities to improve club operations; designs and communicates strategies to implement improvements.

* Plans for and ensures environment, programs, and services prepare youth for success. Ensures programs delivered result in positive outcomes.

* Seeks optimum use of club facilities, staff and resources to fulfill organizations mission and strategic plan. Analyzes clubs needs, resources, and community demographics to identify and implement actions to optimize club use by disadvantaged and at-risk community.

* Secures and maintains records on petty cash receipts and disbursements. Secures, maintains records on and follows procedures for cash received as donations and for membership dues, summer programs, field trips, etc.

* Collaborates with community leaders to support club-initiated events to raise money and for support of club programs and activities through in-kind donations.

Educational qualifications and skills:

Bachelor's degree from an accredited college required. A minimum of 3-4 years work experience in a Boys & Girls Club or similar organization at a professional level where knowledge, experience and competency in the above key roles was acquired. Demonstrated ability to plan, organize, and direct club operations. Ability to recruit, supervise, train, and retain key employees. Manage and maintain a facility. Ability to control and manage a budget. Develop community support of club operations and programs.

Combined education and experience equivalent to four years of college and the required minimum number of years of related experience considered. Equivalent experience must reflect expertise in the skills, knowledge and competencies required for the posted opportunity.