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Discover Your Summer 2017

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Past Events

A chosen generation Academy

Branched Out Community Camp

Camp Innovation

Diamond In The Rough

Girl Scouts S.T.E.M Expo

Meadow Creek Neighborhood Camps

Partee Elementary

Rockbridge Elementary

Simply The Best Academy

Space and Rocket Center (Alabama)



Birthday parties starting at $150.00
School Assemblies starting at $8.00 per student

Discover Your World S.T.E.M Mentoring Programs

Science Nights- Engage your students and their families with up to 20 hands on S.T.E.M learning stations. Participants will be amazed as they travel from station to station learning the science behind it all. All learning stations are connected to (NGSS)Next Generation Science Standards. Some are even inspired by NASA!

After school programs- Action packed learning activities that brings Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics, to life for our participants. Local Scientists from the community are invited to share their experiences and help students make connections! These programs are conveniently located at elementary schools or community development centers. Site supervisors can choose from a 1 day, 3 day, or 5 day program.

Summer camp visits- During a two hour, in house field trip, students will be actively engaged with hands on science and math fun. Discover Your World Tour offers a variety of experiences for preschoolers up to eight grades.

Home School Networks- Programs are tailored to your network needs. Flexible hours are available.

Teacher/Parent Education Workshops- filled with resources for teachers and parents who want to help their students to be successful in the classroom and beyond. Parents explore hundreds resources and opportunities including scholarships. Teachers become masters at providing hands on learning opportunities and building scientific literacy.