About Discover Your World S.T.E.M. Discover Your World S.T.E.M educational programs have been encouraging children from all walks of life to explore S.T.E.M. for over five years. Our programs tap into the imaginations of children across the south east region. Youth experience fun, hands on learning through a variety of services hosted by Discover Your World S.T.E.M

Discover Your World S.T.E.M Involvement The STEM Education Innovation campaign, hopes to work with local communities and organizations to coordinate STEM related efforts and establish funding for strong community and professional development. The goal of this campaign is to create a STEM Council and a STEM Education Network which will continue to advance STEM education, professional development, and resources throughout the state.

Our mission is to expose children to the wonderful world of S.T.E.M, (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics). We encourage and inspire youth to explore S.T.E.M through fun, hands- on interactive activities. It is our goal to build scientific literacy to prepare our youth for 21st Century experiences.

A mission defined A part of our mission is to expose and encourage underrepresented populations to explore the STEM arena. We acknowledge the increasing need for more diversity in the (STEM) Science, Technology Engineering and Math fields. We have a vision to meet that need by offering opportunities to students when curiosity and creativity is at its peak; elementary, middle, and high school. The Discover Your World program builds scientific literacy and supports youth in making real world connections to what they are learning in school. Changing attitudes and increasing motivation will ultimately increase a student’s performance in the classroom and on state assessments.